The Week of Global Interfaith Dialogue

10 August 2008

The sixth annual Week of Global Interfaith Dialogue will take place around the world from September 15-21 to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace: “… a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, an invitation to all nations and people to honor a cessation of hostilities.” During this week, individuals and organizations are encouraged to share the values common to all. The dialogues, or community gatherings, build a critical mass of positive energy and unity to facilitate a greater understanding of our interconnectedness and of our responsibility for each other. These programs need not be elaborate or formal as the purpose is to bring people together to share common traditions and to work toward a more peaceful and cooperative future. Programs organized during the Week of Global Interfaith Dialogue are also occasions for the sharing of music, art and food that are part of each religious and cultural tradition. In previous years the Week of Global Interfaith Dialogue had been celebrated in locations such as Iran, India, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Australia, Taiwan, Finland, the Philippines, the UK, and the United States. In accordance with the philosophy of respect for all faiths, acceptance of all cultures, and love for all life, GFLP is dedicated to building a harmonious world through promoting values education, organizing and directing activities for young people in the field of social service, and sponsoring interfaith dialogues. A non-profit, tax-exempt NGO, GFLP is associated with United Nations Department of Public Information. GFLP was honored to be one of the primary sponsors of the 55th Annual DPI/NGO Conference held at United Nations headquarters in New York City and the Buddhist-Muslim Dialogue Series that included the Conference on Global Ethics and Good Governance held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The Week of Global Interfaith Dialogue is also a presentation of the Global Family for Love and Peace Cooperation Circle (, one of the over 300 cooperation circles formed in conjunction with the United Religions Initiative. Through the Cooperation Circles, people of different traditions come together to initiate acts of interfaith cooperation. GFLP is one of the partners of We, The World's 11 Days of Global Unity, whose mission leading up to the International Day of Peace is to create a culture of peace and celebrate a sustainable future, and is a member of the NGO Planning Committee for the International Day of Peace. GLOBAL FAMILY FOR LOVE AND PEACE 46-60 156th Street, Flushing, NY 11355 Voice: 718 353-7398 Fax: 718 874-6892 For more information please contact Laurence Singer: [email protected]