Good News from Charter for Compassion

21 April 2010

We write at a very exciting moment in the history of the Charter for Compassion. Earlier this year, a number of us met to discuss how we could bring the Charter to more people and better support the amazing activities being carried out by partners and individual ambassadors. Look for updates in the next two months as our plans take shape. In the meantime, we are thrilled to see the Charter continue to ripple out to all corners - many exciting activities and events focused on compassion continue to take place. 

  • Golden Rule Day - The world celebrated Golden Rule Day on Monday, April 5. The proclomation was established by the Interfaith Peace-building Initiative, a United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circle in Ethiopia. Mussie Hailu, Regional Coordinator of URI Africa, encourages the rest of the URI community and world to use these words to proclaim a Golden Rule Day in local communities, schools, and places of work. This year, URI asked their community to "Lift up the Golden Rule by affirming the Charter for Compassion." 

  • Karen Armstrong in Sharjah - Karen has received much support for the Charter for Compassion from officials within the United Arab Emerites. Among them, the Ruler of Sharjah whom Karen she spent time with on April 4th -  6th. Her tour included a lecture at the American University of Sharjah. Read Karen’s Huffington Post piece about her trip. 

  • Compassionate Seattle – Spearheaded by the Compassion Action Network, the City of Seattle successfully reached its milestone number of affirmers of the Charter for Compassion and is the first to officially declare itself a compassionate city! On April 24, a festival of compassion will take place offering a compassion-themed showcase, exchange, and celebration. Government officials will be on hand to announce the proclamation and Karen Armstrong will keynote. The entire event will be webcast to a global audience. This interactive experience will allow the audience to affirm the Charter for Compassion, ask questions of panelists, and learn how to start compassion movements in their cities. 
    You can continue to support the Charter by reminding your network to affirm the Charter, embedding the Charter widget in your blog or on your website, and using sign-up forms at your face-to-face events.