URI at the UN Celebrates Golden Rule Day on April 5th

22 May 2011

The United Religions Initiative at the United Nations joined with the Sacred and Transcendental Arts Working Group of the NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns-NY to celebrate Golden Rule Day at UN headquarters on April 5, 2011. The observance began in the Meditation Room at 11:15. The group then moved outside the room to the beautiful Chagall windows on the UN lobby. After some heartfelt sharing from those present, Monica Willard, URI’s Representative to the United Nations, introduced Mr. Mohammad Al Nsour, First Secretary of the Mission of the Hashemite Mission of Jordan to the United Nations, explaining why he had been chosen to receive a very special recognition: the 2011 Golden Rule Medal. Mr. Al Nsour had been instrumental in moving the successful resolution for World Interfaith Harmony Week through the UN General Assembly in spite of serious opposition. Only a good heart and a little help from the Divine could have accomplished this miracle! Monica presented the medal, graciously provided by Amb. Mussie Hailu of Interfaith Peace-building Initiative, to Mr. Al Nsour, and read congratulatory remarks from Amb. Hailu, who is the United Religions Initiative Regional Coordinator for Africa. Deborah Moldow, facilitator of URI-UN, presented Mr. Al Nsour with a special plaque. The guest of honor graciously accepted, acknowledging Monica, Deborah and CSVGC-NY chair, Sharon Hamilton-Getz. After the medal ceremony and a light lunch, everyone went to the office of the Baha’is at the United Nations to view the film by Tina Petrova entitled, “Animating the Golden Rule.” This documentary, focused on the programs organized by Scarborough Missions to teach the Golden Rule to teenagers, gave some background acknowledging Golden Rule Day as proclaimed by Interfaith Peace-building Initiative in Ethiopia, a Cooperation Circle of the United Religions Initiative. The film even showed the Golden Rule Medal, a tradition begun by Amb. Hailu. This part of the program was hosted by Project Harmony. Appreciation was offered to all who had made the program possible. Last year’s Golden Rule Medal recipient at the UN was Ms. Diane Williams, founder of the CSVGC-NY.