21 June 2011

PARTICIPATION OF YOLAND TREVINO, URI GLOBAL COUNCIL CHAIR, AT THE UN PERMANENT FORUM ON INDIGENOUS ISSUES MAY 14 TO MAY 22, 2011 As requested by Raul Mamani, Calixto Quispe and Alejandrino Quispe,  members of the Global Indigenous Initiative, Yoland Trevino, will participate in the Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues For the purpose of representing URI’s Global Indigenous Initiative May 15 to May 22, 2011 UN New York ANTICIPATED OUTCOMES: 1.    Will represent URI’s GII 2.    Will connect with other global indigenous communities 3.    Will further strengthen URI’s connections with NA indigenous communities 4.    Will meet with NA indigenous leaders to speak about the nexus between the Mayan and the NA indigenous communities to continue planning a gathering of “condolences” as envisioned and requested from Yoland by the late Jake Swamp, North American  elder PERSONAL NOTE This is the third year that I am participating and I am now recognized by other indigenous delegates. This is the first time that we did not organize a side event.  Betsy Stang was unable to participate, however, we connected several times by telephone and I also met with Linda Lauretta a member of Mid-Hudson Valley CC and had a lovely dinner in the evening.  In addition, one afternoon, it was a pleasure to meet with Debora Moldow, our former trustee and a UN expert who works closely with Monica Willard to further URI UN work.   Attached you will find highlights of my participation with notes and follow up when noted.  In the future, I like to have another indigenous leader participate with me so we can grow more participation and indigenous leadership at the UN and Permanent Forum. Image removed.To View the full report - please click here.