Connectivity – The Missing Link in Climate Change Activism

2 June 2013

Concern about climate is finally surfacing globally. Along with insurance companies, spiritual leaders, religious institutions, faith traditions from the indigenous to the established, universities, nonprofits of every kind, and millions of individuals have embraced the need to take better care of the Earth and all that lives. Lunatic claims like ‘Jesus is coming back soon so don’t worry about the environment’ are on the wane. The accelerating degradation of our weather and its consequences keeps raising people’s consciousness. If you still have doubts, read what is already happening in Malawi or, in this issue, how a return trip to Africa confirmed Eileen Flanagan’s call to be a climate activist.  

So why does the collective interreligious (including humanist) weight of opinion about climate change and the environment end up so puny in the face of economic, political ‘realities’?  

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