PEACE CC members participate in Corporate Social Responsibility conference in Jakarta, Indonesia

26 June 2014

Peace Education Association and Center for Excellence (PEACE) CC took part in a dynamic discussion in Jakarta, Indonesia entitled “Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development” earlier this month. Representatives from 26 countries participated in this International conference. Several important societal issues like Human rights and Business Sustainability, Environmental issues, Women rights and workplace, child labor, forced labor and labor trafficking, Gender inequalities, health for all, Ethics, sustainable agriculture and food systems and many more were deliberated during the four day conference. 

Two of PEACE CC members, Dr. Suhas Chavan and Prof. Jayanti Chavan presented their research papers during the conference. They highlighted the objectives of PEACE CC through their research papers.

Prof. Jayanti. Chavan, with the help of data, stressed on the deteriorating emotional quotient among youth and thus emphasized on the need to introduce Peace Education to improve emotional stability among the student community. 

Among the many topics under discussion, Dr. Suhas Chavan led a presentation on ancient wisdom entitled, “Vasudaivam Kutumbakam” with the aim of bringing humanity together amidst different faith, traditions, community, profession and class etc. in order to resolve several societal issues that are getting multiplied every day. He also chaired the technical session, “Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.” 

Both the papers were published in the proceedings of the conference.

Besides presenting their papers, PEACE CC members also interacted with several dignitaries from different countries, including the Ambassador of India in Indonesia. While networking, they distributed PEACE CC pamphlets to several delegates and invited them to become a part of PEACE.