PEACE CC in West India holds International Day of Peace celebrations

9 September 2014

PEACE CC, a four-month old Cooperation Circle, was excited to celebrate International Day of Peace for the first time through various events.

The first took place at a high school, where students presented their varied skills like drawing, elocution, etc to express several peace quotes by great saints and socio-spiritual reformers. There as also a special program to felicitate these students for their hard work.

A second event engaged children from residential complexes in a peace march. Another event, for college students, was held at an engineering college, a two-day seminar to teach and guide students through a stress-free, peace-based life.

Also we cannot afford to ignore the under-privileged, peace being the birthright of every human being. As part of peace celebrations, one of our CC members has also encouraged Adivasis—an indigenous group in India—to work for peace through education and empowerment.