Golden Women’s Vision in Uganda

27 September 2015

Prepared by: Akwero Rosemary (Field Officer)

Reviewed by: Cinderella Agnes Anywar (Program Coordinator)

Approved by: Acan Sylvia (Director)


The political situation of Uganda is becoming interesting and more open to all who have the interest to become leaders, as the run for the 2016 presidential election draws nearer. Traditional political parties are in the process of combining their struggle under one umbrella of Interprets Coalition with the exception of the Democratic Party. Nevertheless, the coalition has not elected their leader. All has been going fairly well in the security aspect. However, three Muslim sheiks were gunned down in different months this year, and this has created a lot of fear in our group.

Nevertheless, weather has been very good for farmers because of adequate rainfall and this implied a successful fight against famine, which was being viewed as a very big threat in some parts of the country which were very dry without rain. This affects some members in that they are busy all through the week and do not have time to rest even on weekends.


Golden Women’s Vision looks at the spiritual, financial and peaceful aspects of society. The financial aspect is to create financial independence and security by helping society members build skills and resources to start microenterprises, not leaving out the health aspect. According to the 1991 Population and Housing Census, about half the population of the country (8.5 million) are under 15 years of age, while those under 25 years old make up about 67% of the population. Youth, as defined by the government of Uganda, includes boys/girls and young men/women from 10 to 35 years of age. HIV/AIDS is the most serious health problem in Uganda today and the leading cause of death for adults: About 1.5 million people (10% of the total population and 20% of sexually active men and women) are estimated to be infected with the HIV virus. Since 1982, when HIV/AIDS was first recognized in the country, 41,193 cases have been reported. However, according to the Uganda AIDS Commission, this represents only a fraction of the actual number of people infected with HIV due to under-reporting and under-diagnosis of women (Population and Housing Census, 1991).

Looking at the history of the Northern Uganda War, which lasted for almost 20 years, it is the greatest catalyst in the rising number of infected people in Northern Uganda. The area was known to be a war zone area, and this caused most men to lose their sense of direction so most of the work is being done by the women. These women need combined efforts in order for them to stand both like men and women in their families, as most men are now drunkards and many of them are dying of AIDS because they don’t want to take ARV.

Activities carried out in the month of May 2015:

  1. Workshops
  2. Monitoring
  3. Meetings
  4. Counseling services
  5. Care and support
  6. Update of beneficiaries’ data
  7. Backing up of database


This is one of the key activities done by GWVIU, on the 20th of May. Our organization was able to organize a training workshop in peace and reconciliation for all the religious denominations. This was supported by the women members of parliament in Gulu District. The aim of the workshop was to motivate the different religions who are working hard to see that there is peace, unity, respect and practicing reconciliation where necessary, and additional love among different denominations in each division.


Cakes made and decorated by the GWVIU group of women.

After the workshop, women organized for refreshment. The one pictured in the middle, wearing a cap, is a woman acting the part of a man. She is wearing the suit of her husband who passed away five years ago.


The Director joined the celebration. She is wearing a black dress behind the woman in a yellow skirt .


Some of the cakes were given to orphans from different denominations. In the photo, the Program Manager is distributing the cakes to the children. The first girl on the line died on the 13th after she was diagnosed to have cancer. She stayed at St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor, where doctors did their best for three months. According to the doctor, the lung was already affected and that is why she could not live for long. May her soul rest in Eternal peace, Amen.

GoldenVisionUganda_03 (1).jpg


This is one of the most important activities in project implementation. During the month of May, we were able to have our monitoring in the form of school and home visits.

School visits

These were done in Gulu, Amuru, Pader, Nywoya, Agako, Kitgum, and Lamwo districts in the following schools, as the table below indicates. The visits were made in different religion-oriented schools. The aim of the visit was to instill among young generations the spirits of unity, peace, reconciliation, and respect for each religion.


These are some of the photos taken from Laliya Primary School during school visits. The director in black standing in front of the children, singing with them, after which she encouraged them to love and support one another in times of difficulties -- as some of them are on ARV, others are total orphans who lost their parents during the war, and others were born from the bush. Standing behind are some of the teachers.


The school visits reflected in the table above was done by the Director, Program Manager, and the field officer. Some students were reported absent because of the reasons explained in the table. The lady standing near the Director is very sick right now. She had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and she is supposed to go for an operation. She is transferred from Gulu referral, to Lacor hospital. At this state, she needs prayers from everybody.

During the visit, we encouraged our students to read very hard for better results since they are left with only few weeks to the end of second term 2015; they should be focused.

They should not compare themselves with students who come from very rich families.

They should also trust in their teachers and have total confidence in them that something good can come out from them, since they have professional teachers posted to the school by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

The director also told them that we are in a world of change that only requires hard work for any meaningful future. There is need for hard work and unity among religion political parties down to the grass root; this, therefore, requires compliance with the ever-changing world and its ever-increasing demand.

Hospital Visit

This is done to visit clients who are admitted in the hospital, to pray with them, and to monitor their condition, while encouraging them not to lose hope; instead to stand firm and have faith in God, the only one who is able to give and take. 


In the black T-shirt is one of our OVC who was admitted in Gulu Referral Hospital. She was discharged waiting for transport to take her back home. In the pink T-shirt is the Program Manager. This girl had been on ARV since birth, but because of poor feeding she died on the 30th May 2015.