Nigeria CC Partners with Switzerland Organization

15 January 2016

Raymond Enoch, from Environmental Education and Development (CEED) Cooperation Circle in Nigeria, attended a workshop in Switzerland to make connections with similar organizations and to build global resistance to land grabs. In Nigeria, CEED works with farmers to retain the rights to their land after more powerful organizations try to take it from them. Through networking opportunities like these, CEED is able to refine its strategy to protect more individuals and their land.

"Bread for All, Berne, Switzerland, had organized a workshop from January 13th to 16th. The goal of the workshop is to discuss land grab issues in the global south in order to fashion out strategies of building resistance around it. The second important goal is to strengthen networks and develop a powerful common strategy and next steps in the coming years.

"Participants were invited from Nigeria Center for Environmental Education and Development (CEED), Sierra Leone Network on Food Security (SIRNORF), Anywaa Survival Organization (ASO) Ethiopia, Growth Partners Africa Kenya LA Via Campansina, FIAN, GRAIN and Global Convergence on Land and Water Struggles West Africa, WALHI Indonesia, as well as Synergie Paysanne Benin Republic. The outcome of the meeting will inform the future of Bread for All in the developing countries."

- Raymond Enoch, Environmental Education and Development (CEED) Nigeria Cooperation Circle.

group photo

Raymond Enoch at Berne University in Switzerland, seated with Professor Markus CDE of the university