Radio Aloiam- Yemen

7 February 2016

"Radio Harmony"

Implemented February 6, 2016

Implementing Agency: Youth of Peace

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An introduction:
Peace is the highest human value in the universe. It carries with it the calm and tranquility. Peace is human to feel comfortable psychologically, socially and materially, not estimated worth only lived the horrors of war and tasted bitter. Peace is the basic foundation for any development of human and prosperity in various moral and material aspects. Peace becomes an urgent necessity demanded by every human being on the face of the universe.

As we know in the case of living in Yemen, the absence of peace and the spread of conflicts and armed conflicts in most cities of the country for a long time. It spread until it became live under these conflicts; the culture is of each Yemeni holding access to the peace we desire, but we found a glimmer of hope in the next generation of Yemen, and that of inculcating a culture of peace in them.

The overall objective of the project: spreading the culture of peace and its importance in achieving development in Yemen.

Specific objectives:

  1. Directing energies of young people to work in earnest to find a fertile base for peace.
  2. Drawing the attention of the political and social Alojahat to carry out their part of trying to achieve peace.

Title Hits:

School radio entitled "Radio Harmony."


Saturday, February 6, 2016.


Sinan was chosen Ahtrom girls' school in the capital Sana'a, since it is considered the first model school at the secretariat level, and the mothers of the girls today and tomorrow, which will bear the education of future generations.

Description Hits:

Implementation of school students broadcast by Sinan Ahtrom school in the capital Sana'a to mark the Week of Harmony, through which the definition of a week of harmony as they contain important clauses in the peace sought by all the children of Yemen available to them a decent life.

Activities Hits:

  1. Coordination with the Office of Education in the capital Sana'a to obtain approval for the implementation of effective guidance for the management of the school Sinan Ahtrom.
  2. Meeting with the management of Sinan Ahtrom school and introducing them to a week of harmony and coordination with them effectively.
  3. Meeting the students of Sicomn radio and informing them of the week of harmony, and explaining to them the idea of Radio Harmony.
  4. Implementation of Radio Harmony has included the following paragraphs:
  • Holy Quran.
  • interview with Sharif.
  • poetry.
  • play.
  • song.
  • the word organization Youth of Peace.
  • prayers.
  • Holy Quran to conclude the radio broadcast.


  1. Positive interaction by the leadership of the school and its students with the content of radio harmony.
  2. Definition of World Interfaith Harmony Week.
  3. Instill a culture of tolerance, coexistence and peace in the generations to come.
  4. Dissemination of the concept of peace in a new way and renounce sectarianism.


  1. Coincidence effective Radio Harmony with the imminent mid-term examinations in schools.
  2. The deteriorating security situation in Yemen and the General Secretariat of the capital Sanaa private.
  3. Approval of efficiency by the Office of Education in the capital Sana'a delayed.


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