Reflections From the URI Southern Africa Regional Assembly

28 April 2016

URI Southern Africa Regional Assembly, Johannesburg, 13-17 April 2016


How great it is to see the sparkle in people’s eyes; sparkle of joy. How profound the experience is to feel those emotions pouring and not be able to stop. How encouraging it is to see the willingness to participate on every single point raised during the assembly. Can’t forget the endless gratitude from every single Cooperation Circle leader being in the room, being able to share their work and being appreciated. How inspiring to listen to the stories and the work that has been done under difficult circumstances and with very few resources. Deepening of friendship was happening by the second; the willingness to be there for the other regardless of religion, colour or belief was outstanding. The human spirit rose above all, and the equality was shining throughout the room. The principles of URI were explored to the fullest. My heart was sinking into deep of realms of pure joy not seen before and wanted to stay there forever. I saw URI with different eyes; with eyes from the heart. I learned different dimensions about our work for peace and equality. At times I didn’t speak because I couldn’t, from the lumps in my throat. All that was planned for came into fruition. It wouldn’t be complete without the laughter and the joy that accompanied the work. The eagerness to participate in the talent show was electrifying. The network was enriched and is on a different level. What was achieved wouldn’t be possible without the tireless work of the Southern African Coordinator Karen and her PA Sarah.

Now that memories were revived, with tears in my eyes, I am so humbled to be part and in company of these beautiful people, part of a community that shares same values. May God bless all. May Peace prevail on Earth.

Toni Itov

Strategic Partnerships Development

URI Southern Africa Team