Ahowan with Life

1 July 2016

Jul 01, 2016. 

A "First of Its Kind" Animal Child Ashram in India!!  - Orphan Animals....Orphan Children....Holistic Living 

 AHOWAN's second main dream COMING TRUE!!  

(I realize that it was shared the N/S Peregrination LOOKED like it was next; however, Spirit has closed that door for now and has made it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR......THIS Animal Child Ashram IS NEXT! before moving THIS across the World) 

THIS is what God has been preparing me for!!  I am READY, I am listening, and I am following the steps......Animals....Children.....Spirituality......Wholistic Living 

AND We (AHOWAN and LIFE) need your help! To help get us launched! We all want to help Children....We all want to help Animals....and not all of us can do it physically....not all of us can do it financially; however, we all can help each other, through what we CAN do. 

A lifelong LOVE of Children (I cannot have my own)......a deep-felt LOVE of Animals and Nature.......They are coming together as ONE. 

The land is donated by the Villagers of Mapoli themselves!  and with the amazing "LIFE" NGO organization to work with!! The Animals are already there with a wonderful Sanctuary that is operating on its own, and is ready to expand. 

My Job.....voluntarily building and setting up (to operate on its own)  ORPHAN CHILDREN and ORPHAN ANIMALS together, in a harmonious, self-sustaining, holistic environment!! MyShell of Ahowan needs returned to India, hire on the Veterinarian/Doctor, and oversee the building of all the Shelters, and set up the schedule.  

Life begins the Organic Farming, Animal Shelter funding, and rescuing the  Animals, Children and funding. 

This is happening! Children healing Animals.....Animals healing Children! 

"I am SO excited about this DREAM....and for finally the possibility of becoming a "MommyJi" and even more so, knowing how this is supportive of creating a "New World we have all been dreaming of!"  


Please support us...and BE a part of it!! 

 AHOWAN will NOT be doing it all....LIFE is already receiving support from the Indians themselves.....we are each doing our part.... 

 THANK YOU for sending me to South Africa....THANK YOU for sending me back to India......THANK YOU for supporting this God-Inspired Dream..... 

AHOWAN with LIFE......brings :APITHAN  Animal Child Ashram 

Animal Love Blessings, 

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