Welcoming Multiregion’s newest CC: Kids4Peace!

16 March 2017
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Mar 16, 2017. 

Kids4Peace is a grassroots interfaith youth movement dedicated to ending conflict and inspiring hope in Jerusalem and other divided societies around the world. To achieve this mission, our programs build interfaith communities that embody a culture of peace and empower a movement for change.  

Bringing together Jews, Christians (Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox), Muslims (Sunni and Shi’a), Unitarians, Druze, and Bedouins, Kids4Peace operates international summer camps, training seminars and after-school programs for youth age 12-18, as well as workshops for parents and young adults. Programs combine interfaith dialogue, community building, leadership development and social action. They have chapters in Jerusalem, Seattle, Burlington and Boston and we a growing chapters in Cincinnati, DC, and Atlanta.  

Kids4Peace facilitates honest dialogue about different historical narratives and current realities. We invite youth to listen to each other, to proudly share their own identities, and to hear painful and unfamiliar stories in a respectful environment.  

In our interview, Kids4Peace expressed an interest in coalition building, linking together to accomplish real change, especially for interfaith youth work in America and the Middle East. "We’re excited to share our successes and steady growth with the rest of the network... We encounter so many cross-cultural and religious practices in the course of our work, and we’ve had to come up with solutions for working together. We can share that with the URI network."  

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Please join me in welcoming our newest Multiregion CC!