Multiregion brings in URI’s 101st country with La Villa de Arcilla in Costa Rica!

4 May 2017
La Villa de Arcilla

May 04, 2017. 

Meet La Villa de Arcilla, an interfaith community and eco-village in the jungle of Costa Rica with connections in the Middle East and USA. Founded by a Jewish-Muslim couple, La Villa de Arcilla hosts interfaith and ecological retreats; teaches and practices earth architecture (like building mud dwellings) and sustainability; and provides space for Shamanistic and healing ceremonies. Hooma and Jamey, the founders, bring a beautiful story of coming together across differences when they met on a remote Native American reservation.  

Hooma writes “With the insights from our union we moved to peaceful Costa Rica to build a sustainable community to promote peaceful living. Being immersed in the kind-loving environment of Costa Rica has propelled us forward by renewing our faith in the human race.”  This CC aspires to learn to live in harmony with each other by learning to live in harmony with nature. They wish to broaden the sense of family/community to encompass everyone through our shared environmental vulnerability/responsibility, and achieve self-awareness through ecological awareness. 

With the addition of La Villa de Arcilla, URI reaches 101 countries worldwide!