Welcome to our 5th new Cooperation Circle of 2017: Contemplative Life!

20 July 2017
contemplative life cc logo

Jul 20, 2017. 

Welcome, Contemplative Life, to the Multiregion! 

Contemplative Life and URI are uncannily aligned. Contemplative Life is all about connecting people and communities with transformative practices. This group is both a web platform (stunning, a must-see: http://www.contemplativelife.o...) and a community of about 200 that connects via a private social network. URI is already featured prominently on their site, described as "a central hub that brings many different practices under one umbrella, to easily find what's right for you and connect with others of like mind." 

The basis of Contemplative Life is that contemplative practices have a well-documented track record of transformation. They transform people mentally, spiritually, etc. and they originated in the great traditions. There are two dimensions of Contemplative Life: mindfulness with/through contemplative practices, and then mindfulness from the great traditions. The latter is the religious traditions and the former is more general or contemporary practices from mindfulness, higher education, sciences, health and wellbeing. In the great traditions segment of Contemplative Life, URI is a perfect fit. By its very definition, this group is interfaith and interspiritual. All the great traditions are represented in this space. CL is focused on the practices of these traditions.  

The mutual value between URI and Contemplative Life is that URI’s network IS the experts. Contemplative Life doesn’t create content, they curate content. They feature the experts in these practices. They seek partners that come from each of these traditions that can feature these practices, and the CCs of our URI network can participate.  

Please welcome this CC to our community! Jeff Genug can be contacted at [email protected], and don't forget to check out their beautiful and highly functional site: http://www.contemplativelife.o...