The Multiregion International Day of Peace Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 IDP Grants!

1 September 2017
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Sep 01, 2017.

 1. Apithan Ministries:  “International Peace begins with all Animals 

” Rev Ahowan ICrow, ordained Humane Minister and Animal Chaplain will travel to a zoo, animal laboratory, dairy farm, rodeo fairground, chicken farm, and slaughterhouse for a spontaneous Peace with all Animals meditation blessing ceremony, citing the Golden Rule and tenants referring to the proper treatment of Animals from each Major Religion and/or Culture. This event may also include “Animal Spirit Drumming” alongside other Animal Chaplains from the Emerson Theological Institute and in partnership with the LIFE Farm Animal Sanctuary in Mapoli, India. 

2. Global Youth Movement:  “Peace for Humanity” 

As part of the IDP celebration on Sep 21, we plan to conduct a peace procession (peace rally) by accommodating youths of Schools and Colleges and to spread awareness about IDP ,URI etc. We also plan to conduct seminar on Peace , Sustainable Development Goals and about Life-skills. We have planned to conduct a visit to Old Age and Child homes and to present them simple Resource kits. 

3. Compassion for All Living Beings: “Together for Peace and Compassion: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All Living Beings”  

In honor of IDP, we will sponsor a “cruelty-free” dinner at the URI Global Leadership gathering in Sarajevo. This meal will honor the teachings of major religions with regards to food preparation and the treatment of animals. Funds will support a brochure featuring the teachings of world religions on this matter, to be distributed in Sarajevo and beyond. Furthermore this CC plans to launch its new website on September 21 to coincide with the International Day of Peace. 

 4. Prafull Oorja: "Melodies and Meditations for Peace" 

The event will be aimed at creating awareness about the International Day of Peace and the participants will enjoy an evening of soulful music and soft melodies. We will culminate the event in a peace meditation where the participants will be guided to pray for love, peace and harmony in the world. The event will be conducted by Aribijay Bhaumik (a local musician and meditation teacher) and his group. We will invite around 75-100 people to participate in this event and will provide light refreshments at the end of the event. 

5. Contemplative Life:  “Practice & Peace” 

Deep and sustained peace calls for deep and sustained practice. Contemplative Life will create a campaign that we will send out to the thousands of people that support our mission of practice and community. We will notify them about the International Day of Peace and invite them to take action by participating in a morning and evening practice and to reflect on peace throughout the day. 

6. URI Youth Ambassadors: “Celebrating Peace Together” 

In the participating countries we will gather youth groups, civil society organisations, leaders and representatives from various faith communities. We will all sit down, have our spiritual opening moment, a discussion how to celebrate peace together, across cultures and beliefs. At a point we will make teleconferencing with the other participating countries to share the outcomes of each local meeting. We will bring people together, establish new cooperation, commemorate the international peace day and inform everyone about the URI community. 


A taste of generational work at THINK PEACE INTERNATIONAL on September 21, youth from around the city of Houston will participate in a Generational Poetry SLAM. The event is part of a series of generational poets coming together to share TRUTH TO POWER. Elder Poets from the Community, will present poetry that helps us to create respect, safety and dignity for all. 

Congratulations to all these CCs! All of the Cooperation Circles that plan to participate in IDP 2017 are helping to expand the International Day of Peace in ways that will highlight their work within URI and within their own networks. We are so pleased with the enthusiasm that has been generated!  

ALL Cooperation Circles are invited to fill out this URI form with as much information as possible about your planned event, so that we can spread news about it through our social media networks. 

With respect and gratitude from the Multiregion IDP Committee,  

  • Monica Willard 

  • Laurence Singer 

  • Suchith Abeyewickreme 

  • Sowmya Ayyar 

  • Frederica Helmiere