Apithan Ministries: “International Peace begins with all Animals” for IDP 2017

21 September 2017
Pink and purple altar

Sep 21, 2017. 

The Sentience of Animals has been established by scientists, theologians, and philosophers, plus the Seven Universal Laws applying to all species. In recognition of this, Apithan Ministries conducted meditation blessing ceremonies for ‘Peace with all Animals,’ including traveling some 250 miles in North Carolina to five facilities where Animals are exploited for human consumption. 

First: a Milk Dairy Farm, where Bulls are forced to give semen, Cows are repeatedly impregnated and milked by machines, and Calves are taken away at birth. 

Second: a Meat Farm, where Animals are kept beyond public view, unless visitors pay for admission, and then transported to slaughter two hours by truck for processing as meat. 

Third: a Lamb slaughterhouse claiming to kill in a ‘humane and sacred way'. And yet access is by a driveway so rough it is virtually impossible to navigate (see Slaughterhouse Blessing Ceremony here). 

Fourth, fifth: a zoo with four Grizzly Bears held in small concrete pits, and a nearby zoo with numerous Animals in small enclosures. At both locations, the animals are on display for a fee and kept hungry so they interact with the public for profitable gain. 

Even the human workers at such inhumane facilities are under immense stress and must become uncompassionate to do their ‘job’ (more info coming soon at compassion4alllivingbeings.org). 
The Meditation Blessing Ceremonies’ intention was to awaken the Humans' Hearts and Minds to the unnecessary cruelty we cause by ‘using’ Animals like commodities. 

Each Ceremony contained elements from several traditions, including Religious Science, Native American, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Reiki. 
Sixth: a Ceremony with LIFE Farm Animal Sanctuary in Mapoli, India, via a Whatsapp Call. The LIFE President gave a “Blessing of the Animals” (unfortunately, not recorded due to technical difficulties; see Meditation for the Ceremony with Mapoli, available here). 

(Please see full report with all pictures/videos here)