Global Youth Ambassadors celebrates IDP

22 September 2017
Children in a classroom with a whiteboard

Sep 22, 2017. 

Grant from Multiregion supports gatherings in 3 countries on IDP.

The commemoration of IDP 2017 was held simultaneously in the countries of three youth ambassadors (Bosnia, Bulgaria and Morocco) was focused on children, unlike what we initially planned to organize (a spiritual gathering and ritual meals) which was considered more impactful.  
The first two workshops with the definition of children in terms of respect for others and other cultures and respect diversity and laws . 

‏The first two workshops on the definition of children in terms of respect for others and other cultures and the rejection of the culture of hatred and hatred among the components of society, and the role of children in raising awareness of families in respect of others and law. 

‏The second activity was practical, through the simulations of society through the training of children in respect of laws and their colleagues in driving the way to degrees and respect laws and differences in the way, and through simple play to spread a culture of respect and accept differences and reject the culture of violence and conflict, And respect for the laws , and role of laws and positifs thinking of society for real peace building in the world. 

Refocusing our activity to children of all faiths is due to our common understanding that we could create the widest Community Impact ever. They would remember this outstanding experience in their life, speak enthusiastically it with their parents, teachers and an enormous impact that trancedes the direct group of children involved. 

Moroccan youth workcamp ACJ, URI Salam Shabad CC, Youth for Peace, Eastern European Bridges for Dialogue CC. In the aftermath of the event we are planning a huge international interfaith camp for children in the Netherlands along with CCs from there and our URI global trustee Bart ten Broek for 2018's edition of the International Day of Peace.