Peace With All Animals

10 October 2017
Apithan Ministries celebrates Peace Day 2017

Apithan Ministries traveled approximately 250 miles to several Animal facilities near Asheville, NC facilitating six meditation blessing ceremonies for ‘Peace with all Animals.’

The Sentience of all Animals has been proven by science, theologians, and philosophers, as well as the 7 Universal Laws applying to all species. “Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.” Albert Schweitzer

Apithan Ministries went to some of the places where Animals are exploited with cruel practices that, if these were human beings, there would be such an outcry for justice.

The first destination, a Milk Dairy Farm where Bulls are forced to give semen, Cows are continuously impregnated, milked by machines and Calves are taken away at birth.

The second location, a Meat Farm where Animals are beyond where the public can see unless they pay an admission fee. They are then loaded onto trucks for a two-hour drive to a slaughterhouse to be processed for their meat.

The third location, a Lamb slaughterhouse claiming to kill them in a ‘humane and sacred way;’ and though this may be true, the access to this slaughterhouse is an impossible rough driveway for any vehicle to access.

The fourth and fifth locations, two zoos. One with 4 Grizzly Bears held in small concrete pits. The other zoo had numerous Animals in small enclosures. Both locations, they are on display for a fee and kept hungry so they interact with the public for profitable gain.

Even the human workers are under immense stress and must become uncompassionate to do their ‘job.’ (more info coming soon @

The Meditation Blessing Ceremonies’ intention was for the Humans, to awaken humanity's Hearts and Minds to the unnecessary cruelty we cause by 'using' Animals like commodities.

Each Ceremony contained elements from several traditions, including Religious Science, Native American, Hindu, Buddhism, Christianity and Reiki.

The day ended with the sixth Ceremony facilitated through a Whatsapp Call with the LIFE Farm Animal Sanctuary in Mapoli, India. The President of LIFE gave a “Blessing of the Animals;” however, this was not done live or recorded due to technological difficulties.

Peace on Earth begins with Peace with all Animals. Peace with all Animals begins with Peace in OneSelf.

"Veganism is a call for us to unite in seeing that as long as we oppress other living beings, we will inevitably create and live in a culture of oppression. Class struggle is a result of the herding culture’s mentality of domination and exclusion, and is just part of the misery that is inevitably connected with eating animal foods." World Peace Diet