Art of the Native Peoples

13 June 2018
Art of the Native Peoples

By Adriana Reyes

It is an immense joy to share the history of this activity that, year after year, two URI Cooperation Circles have been carrying out. The two URI groups are “Of the Indigenous People of Argentina” and “Comunidad Cósmica” (Cosmic Community). They run this activity in conjunction with the Christian Association of Young People of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

There are five days of exhibitions of handicrafts that represent the cultural expression of each original people, showing unity in diversity. Likewise, the activity begins with a ritual of celebration of the Pachamama.

On this occasion, a Forum on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was held, in which the theme "Sustainable Citizenship and Mother Earth" was addressed. This meeting strengthens the dialogue between religions and helps to achieve greater understanding between different cultures and spiritual traditions, thus visualizing the work of URI in the world.