Encounter of Poets, Essayists, and Storytellers

27 August 2018
Encounter of Poets, Essayists, and Storytellers

By Adriana Reyes

On July 26, Francisco Morales, representative of the Comunidad Cósmica (Cosmic Community) Cooperation Circle, participated in the Meeting of Poets Fictional Essayists (PEN) in the city of Buenos Aires.

This event is a meeting of several writers on different topics that give lectures and exhibitions. The importance of this meeting is that a Committee of Indigenous Writers "Carlos Martínez Sarasola" was formed; it is the first in the world. Francisco Morales, also a representative of the Misiones Unidas (United Missions) Cooperation Circle, is part of that committee.

As it was a meeting of several countries in the region, the participation of Venezuelan writers drew attention. They expressed the difficulties they are currently experiencing under a dictatorial regime, in which the fundamental rights of any citizen are not respected - less those individuals linked to the world of arts and letters.

The Venezuelan brothers expressed the repression and censorship of which they are victims as communicators. There were different expressions of solidarity with them and with the brothers of Nicaragua, who are also living a complicated socio-political moment.