Autism Children's Support Project

11 March 2020
Autism Children's Support Project

Child Assistants in Yemen - Autism Children's Support Project


Thirty-three children with autism at our Abni Autism Center, who were previously unable to get the medicine they need, and who are now able to benefit with our assistance.


Various local and international donors.


Our mission was focused on our Autism Center, “Abni Autism Center.” This is the only relevant autism center in Yemen, which is taking care of 70 autistic children. We provide poor children with medicine and food supplies for their families.

To date, we have reached the following:

  • Some medicines are not found in Yemen easily. It costs about USD $2,200 to cover the medicine needs of 33 children from one to two months.
  • Food supplies for 30 families, which costs USD $1,200 to cover a family’s need of foods for one month.
  • We distributed medicines to autistic children at the Autistic Children Center, run by the organizations Charter for Compassion-Yemen and United Religions Initiative (URI)-Yemen.
  • We have been careful to provide expensive medicines and to choose poor children who can not buy medicines. We also distributed food to 45 poor and displaced families.


We are working nowadays to plan for two main projects that are very important for the coming period. These projects will help and enhance the children's ability to enter and deal with their community and have their own participation in society.

The projects are:

  1. Establish an awareness campaign to prevent violence against children with autism through a workshop involving a large number of people who have children with autism.
  2. Establish a special basic education school in coordination with our Autism Center and the Ministry of Education in Yemen for children who have graduated from our Autism Center. We have about 33 children ready to enroll in basic education. They were rejected by private and government primary schools in Yemen.

5. Our Address:

Abni Autism Center, Sana’a, Yemen

Aser St. near Siplus Hospital

Tel: +967777269523

6. For more contact details and photos:

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Please remember that we are doing this humanitarian work through fundraising. We are confident that we will continue this humanitarian work by donors helping through PayPal (email [email protected]) or contributing here. Our email is

Your support, whether on religious or humanitarian grounds, is a demonstration of your sense of global responsibility, level of awareness, and simple humanitarian solidarity. Let's show that we did not forget our Yemeni brothers and sisters! If you are unable to donate, I would really appreciate it if you share this with your family and pray for the children in Yemen. We are nothing without you. Please share the word of our campaign and Facebook page.