Prayers from Members of the URI South India, Sri Lanka Region

19 May 2020

Members of URI from the South India and Sri Lanka region have gathered together messages to share with the global community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We express our solidarity to all the hundreds of thousands of bereaved families and affected people...all over the world."

"We extend our support and prayers to all the governments, UN Departments, and such other agencies everywhere who tirelessly work to combat this..."

"We remember with gratitude the sacrificial and selfless services of health workers and all other forces who toil day and night for the suffering people, especially all the unsung heroes and heroines."

"We pray to the cosmic powers to send vibrant waves of healing to all parts of the world, so as to save all living beings from total destruction and irreparable loss."

"Let us not forget all the lessons learned during the times of trial."