Message About Pachamama and COVID

17 August 2020

Regarding the ancestral celebration of Pachamama Day in August and the time of confinement due to the pandemic, the new URI Global Councilor, Francisco Morales, also a member of the Cosmic Community CC, shares a powerful message of reflection on care and connection with Mother Earth or Pachamama.

The Pachamama is a deity revered for being the generator of life, a symbol of fertility due to its ability to produce, bless and engender plants, animals, food and other means of subsistence of human beings. The Pachamama is worshipped by the descendants of the original peoples, who inhabited territories long before the current borders existed. In fact, the origins of this cult date back to pre-Inca times; that is, before the region was annexed to the Tawantinsuyu or Inca Empire.

Francisco invites us to maintain a close connection with Mother Earth, regardless of each person's religious beliefs. He invites us to reflect on the changes in habits that this time of pandemic has made visible to us.