URI Member in East India Saves Over 500 Lives

16 May 2021
URI Member Saves Over 500 Lives in East India

In times of tragedy and pain, the stories of everyday heroes shine brightly.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep through India, Surendra Kumar has stepped forward as a hero. Surendra is a cricket umpire and coach who felt the call to help his suffering community. 

Surendra is an active member of to Bokaro Peace Circle, which is a URI Cooperation Circle (member group) in East India. Surendra has spent hundreds of sleepless nights bravely transporting people in need with the ambulance that the organization owns. To date, he has saved over 500 lives in the Gomia Village of Jharkhand, India with his heroic actions.

"We are moved and proud of his selfless service," says Maria Crespo, URI Director of Cooperation Circle Support.