Interfaith Youth Celebration

24 May 2021

On Saturday May 15, the youth of CC COEMATI (a URI member group) participated in a celebration of the day of San Juan Bautista de La Salle in Jujuy, Argentina.

It was an opportunity for them to present their skills in music and singing. It was very emotional to see the young people charged with emotionality in this time of pandemic, and to see how they were very tired of the situation in which we are being forced to live.

The boy who is singing (in the video) is named Ignacio. He is one of the members of our CC COEMATI. His companions were giving him support because he did not dare to sing. That moment was very beautiful, with us accompanying them - just learning how to play the guitar. Most of the young people interpreted the lyrics of songs that really resonated with them. This gave the feeling that it was what they wanted to communicate to you, their audience.

The day was very beautiful and all the young people were able to showcase their work, as well as the skills that they have learned by participating in their training workshops.