An Interfaith Youth Camp

4 August 2022
Interfaith Youth camp

From July 22nd till August 1st, 2022, the interfaith youth camp “Youth from diverse cultures meeting each other in REVA” took place in the Hague, the Netherlands.

At the end of July, Colourful Segbroek CC organized an interfaith youth camp for children with different cultural backgrounds, 6 to 10 years old, in the neighborhood of REVA. Mala Wallage was the leading person for the preparations and program organizer of the project. It was realized with the financial support of the Municipality of REVA and private sponsors with the help of all Colourful Segbroek team and friends.

Youth Camp Netherlands

During the five camp days (every second day from 22.08 till 1.08), 12 children and two youth volunteers participated in exciting activities. They had a chance to work together, learn and educate themselves about others, and understand the meaning of intercultural collaboration.

The central part of the program was focused on nonformal education, playing games, and eating different types of food together. As part of the working team, Bart ten Broek, Henk van Bentem, and Carola Goodwill gave their outstanding support to the process and the URI Europe board chair Duncan Wielzen. Art workshops and some other activities were held in Wij Weimar, a wonderful community center and a home for the monthly volunteer activities of Colourful Segroek CC.

Angelina Vladikova, URI Europe Liaison Officer and chair of Bridges CC, Bulgaria, came on a visit for the last days of the project. Adin Lubis from VOEM CC, Belgium, came for two days to exchange ideas about youth collaboration. Adin and Angelina were invited by Mala to be camp guests and to give support to the work and camp program. They had a chance to exchange ideas for future collaboration in the URI network in Europe and to engage children from Belgium, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands in the future camp edition in 2023. The working team started to collect ideas and set up some goals for the next year, which will be developed in the coming months.

Angelina brought URI pins and pens for children as a gift from URI. Mala received a certificate of Appreciation from URI Europe for her hard work with grassroots people and dedication to youth.

Angelina Vladikova, URI Europe CC Liaison Officer