Art for Peace

30 November 2022
Art4peace india

We had an amazing one-day workshop on "Art for Peace", under the auspices of URI South India Region. This was in collaboration with Cosmic Cooperation Circle, Odanavattom, Kerala. They are themselves a group of artists, who conduct a series of  University courses on music and music therapy. Around one hundred youngsters, including children attended this program.

Budding peacebuilders are born here in such arenas. They are our hope. 

Art for peace Cosmic CC

A variety of items like folk songs, folk dances, classical dances, skits, and so on were presented by different groups, all with themes related to building peace. 

Classes in between were handled by Lal Viswan,  a  celebrated artist and Cosmic Rajan, a master music director.  It was such a fabulous program and the excitement of the participants knew no bounds. A special ice-breaking session was conducted by Mr. Joseph Chacko, a famous motivational speaker.

Participants during the workshop

Dr. Abraham Karickam inaugurated the event by lamp lighting. Dr. Devi Raj, P. K. Ramachandran, Hanumantahappa Roy (Bangalore), and K. G. Mathaikutty offered felicitations. Greshma P. Raju was the Master of the Ceremony.

Well-accomplished veterans provided musical accompaniment for the whole day, during the exhilarating group presentations.

All the delegates joined in taking the peace pledge of "One Billion Youth for Peace", proclaiming their willingness to be peace ambassadors, to work tirelessly and always for lasting harmony in the world.