Strengthening Collaborations to End Religiously Motivated Violence

24 November 2023

This blog was written by the Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace

The Nigeria Country Expert of KAICIID, Mr Joseph Atang, recently hosted the United Religions Initiative delegation at the KAICIID/IDFP office in Abuja. It was a two-member delegation of the URI, Director of Partnership and Violence Prevention, Karen Volker, who was visiting Nigeria for the first time, and the West Africa Regional Coordinator, Dr Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba. The visitation was for exploring opportunities for scaling down the already existing partnership between URI and KAICIID to a Nigeria-specific partnership.


Beginning with the mandates and profiles of both organisations, the interaction was focused on collaboration between URI and the Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace (IDFP), a national interreligious platform established and supported by KAICIID in 2017. 


The URI Director of Partnerships and Violence Prevention, Karen Volker, highlighted URI's keen interest in strategic collaboration with KAICIID, underscoring shared goals. Karen Volker emphasized URI's dedication to combatting religiously motivated violence worldwide.

She highlighted URI's impactful "Let’s make the cure to violence contagious" campaign, which is aimed at ending religiously motivated violence globally.

One area of collaboration that was identified is for IDFP members to be trained by URI in the campaign so it can use its wide network to multiply its gains. The trio of KAICIID, URI and IDFP will continue the conversation to concretize this capacity-building initiative.