One Tree at a Time

17 April 2024

“If we plant trees to provide clean oxygen to the environment, the life of the coming generations will be better.” Deepak Kumar from Smiles4millions Cooperation Circle.

In a world where environmental concerns are at the forefront of global conversations, the simple act of planting a tree can have a profound impact. Trees are not just silent guardians of our planet; they are essential allies in our fight against climate change and environmental degradation.

As we witness the devastating consequences of deforestation, urbanization, and rising global temperatures, the need for tree-planting initiatives has never been more urgent.

15 trees were planted in a community in Afghanistan 

URI principle 10 encourages us to act from sound ecological practices to protect and preserve the earth for both present and future generations. URI believes in the

With over 407 Cooperation Circles worldwide focusing on earth restoration, URI believes in collective grassroots efforts to address the threats to the ecosystem by implementing environmental initiatives and programs that are intended to restore Mother Earth.

Smile4Millions Cooperation Circle has initiated a program, 1 Earth, 1 Human, 1Plant to encourage tree planting in India to protect the environment for future generations.

“What about our next generations? Climate change is real, we have no planet B” Deepak Kumar, Smiles4Millions CC.


Trees not only beautify our surroundings but also play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance and combating the adverse effects of human activities on the environment.

In Malawi, Wildlife and Natural Resources Conservation and Rehabilitation Trust (WNRCRT), a United Religious Initiatives Cooperation Circle planted 6000 local tree seedlings along the Lilongwe-Lingadzi River catchment in Lilongwe City as one way of restoring the ecosystem and mitigating the impacts of climate change under the Greening Lilongwe City Campaign.


Tree planting initiatives not only benefit the environment but also foster a sense of community and collective action. It instills a sense of stewardship for the environment and creates opportunities for connection, collaboration, and the importance of conservation.

Disi Women Cooperative Community Cooperation Circle in the URI MENA region together with 20 female students and joined by participants from diverse nationalities gathered and planted 122 indigenous seedlings in commemoration of World Interfaith Harmony Week.


Young leaders are part and parcel of environmental efforts within the URI network. Several youth-focused cooperation circles are implementing grassroots earth restoration projects that aim to encourage young people to love and engage in environmental initiatives like tree planting in their local communities.

As part of the training program, Ecopeace Teen Cafe launched a campaign called Plant a Peace Tree at Home. Through this campaign, they promote the opportunity to create a connection with nature. From planting to nurturing a tree, a teenager is growing with nature, by observing the growth of a plant, and the changes happening to it while growing and also observing the surrounding ecosystem, and also spending time on writing a daily reflection for more deep learning and transformations.


These, and many more Cooperation Circles are and have committed to working towards environmental sustainability through efforts that address the unique needs of their community.

So, let's roll up our sleeves, grab a shovel, and embark on a journey to sow the seeds of positive change—one tree at a time.