Albadiya for Intercultural Dialogue Initiative (AIDI)

Conducting intercultural programs with international volunteers
"Our purpose is to promote intercultural understanding and global common action for global equal citizenship, respecting human rights, and building peace across the globe."
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Adroh- Maan, Jordan
Joined URI Network

AIDI members contribute to local society building and sustainable social development by empowering people and building their skills, offering them exchange experience, and training them in intercultural understanding and respect for a more peaceful world. They conduct intercultural programs with international volunteers. They involve them in community service projects and capacity building activities. They are also engaged in networking and experience and resource sharing with likewise organizations and initiatives. Normally, they do these projects with American university students.
AIDI hosts about 20 American volunteers from American universities per year and they have engaged them in their projects for the last 8 years. These projects include combating student leaks from schools through awareness campaigns (March 2013 until now), community service, and volunteer activities. For example they conducted "Madinaty Ajmal" (“My city is more beautiful”) project where they cleaned streets, painted the walls and sidewalks, planted trees, and more. Other projects included food and clothes distribution and orphanage support. They organized seven capacity building programs for women, the youth, children, and the unemployed, as well as thirteen intercultural dialogue training workshops.


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