All Congo Interfaith Platform

Build a peaceful and prosperous DRC for all with respect
to cultural and religious differences
“Our purpose is to strengthen inter-religious cooperation across the DRC. We promote a culture of peace and mutual understanding among faith leaders and among followers of different beliefs. Out of many, we ensure to stay one and united as people created in the image of God. We contribute in building bridges and crossover religious and traditional limitations to be fully helpful to Mother Earth and to every human being. Part of our daily effort is reaching the national reconciliation which is key to social acceptance and mutual understanding. We strengthen the bones of unity and solidarity among people of different religions and beliefs.”
Christianity, Islam
Independent, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Salvation Army, Orthodox
Number of Members
Great Lakes
Kinshasa, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Joined URI Network

The All Congo Inter-Faiths Platform (ACIP) is a congregation made of 8 officially-recognized religious communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is open to other traditional religious groups. ACIP emerged as early as in 1992, during the Sovereign National Conference (CNS), a national gathering hosted by President Mobutu to bridge the national reconciliation. It was clear that
religious communities had to unite to help the country heal the wounds of dictatorship and build a united and prosperous country. The Platform played a major role during the transition to ensure that the road to historical elections was not blocked. Those efforts led to the first democratic elections in the country. As a group that promotes mutual understanding and a shared future between religious communities, ACIP believes in the power of religion to heal the wounds and reunite mankind.

All Congo Inter-Faiths Platform ACIP sees joining URI as an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of cooperation with other religious groups within the organization so that, together, all heal the wounds and build a world of peace. Members also see that they can help foreign religious groups understand ongoing issues in the DRC and contribute in bringing sustainable solutions to the people of DRC.

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