Alor Jatri ( Vanguard of Light )

Multifarious work in the social welfare and humanitarian fields
“Our purpose is to enlighten citizens and contribute to the welfare of society.”
Hinduism, Islam, Christianity
Number of Members
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Joined URI Network

Alor Jatri (Vanguard of Life) has a lot of experience in multifarious work in the social welfare and humanitarian fields. They have Christian, Muslim, and Hindu members in their group and they are also working with other religious groups, which will soon be part of their circle.
They also host interfaith meetings and social activities in various sacred places of different religions. They are very keen on engaging young people in interfaith dialogues, and organize interfaith youth encounters with adults with experience in different areas. They are given the space to raise critical questions like nuclear disarmament, political division of the country, and misinterpretations of scriptures. This group has supported URI development in Bangladesh.

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