We strive for the eradication of suffering in Chakwal regardless of religious affiliation.
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We are working to create a bridge between the people, their needs, and the institutions.
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Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan
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Team BEHOLD is a group of people devoted to contributing to the social development of Chakwal, a region with an area of 6,542 square kilometers and about 1,500,000 inhabitants. Chakwal is known for its very rich historical and anthropological background, and for the footmarks of almost all major religions of time, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and Christianity (recently emerging Qadiyani and Bahai’). Chakwal consists of 88% rural and only 12% urban areas, with more than 450 villages and few towns.

Team BEHOLD serves the community in informal ways with services. They do this without any discrimination against religious, denominational, lingual, caste, region, color or gender affiliation.

Team BEHOLD has developed a social network and has communicated with community through more than 100 social and religious events, including seminars on interfaith harmony. Team BEHOLD has worked as a regular social welfare organization conducting food, clothing and grocery distributions among deserving recipients, and free medical camps around the region. Team BEHOLD has worked to develop an arts and culture conservation system as Chakwal Arts Council, which has conducted several events to bring the community together and to entertain the different diversities of the region. Chakwal Arts Council is the organization affiliated with Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation to provide exposure to the regional heritage and to invite the global community to mingle with the local community.

Team BEHOLD is striving for the eradication of the suffering of humanity regardless of religious affiliation. For this purpose, BEHOLD has established old-age homes, cottage restaurants for the economic betterment of their neglected inhabitants, free medical camps, and also promoting entertainment through music and performing arts festivals, etc. Providing people with recreational breaks in their routine lives has not been a priority for any other organization in the area.


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