Burnpur Interfaith Youth Council

Engaging youth in social actions so they become more open and stay united.
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Promoting cultures of peace through active participation of youth in inter-religious and social actions.
Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism
Number of Members
East India
Burnpur, West Bengal, India
Joined URI Network

Members of Burnpur Interfaith Youth Council wish to bring about change in the minds of younger generations so they become more open to learn about others and have a clear understanding of various traditions and religions. They encourage each member to go deeper into their own tradition, finding in it strength to build a peaceful community. They build confidence in youth through sports (soccer, cricket, etc) and by inviting them to do social work together, as well as by providing computer and other skill-building training to the children and younger generations.
Burnpur Interfaith Youth Council is determined to eradicate myths and superstitions about diverse religions and to avoid religious fanaticism. Members use social media to uphold the beauty and the divine messages of all the great religions in the world, through publishing Holy texts. They also organize religious festivals in a way that allows people from diverse religious groups to participate, and to have correct information and understandings about others.

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