De la UNIDAD, la Reconciliación y la Sanación

Awakening conscience of unity and inter-dependency
"Our purpose is to recognize unity and interdependency between all living beings and promote reconciliation and healing among human beings and with nature."
Buddhism, Christianity, Spirituality, Unitarian Universalist
Buddhist, New Spirituality, Quaker
Number of Members
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Joined URI Network

This Cooperation Circle (CC) was formed by people that have been involved in interfaith peacebuilding since 1984. The desired outcome of the work they do as members of URI is that progressively more and more people are conscious of the cosmic unity between all of existence. They hope that this revelation is manifested in concrete actions by the community for the benefit of all living beings, and that peace at personal, interpersonal and social levels and with nature is consolidated. Members guide efforts toward interfaith social working, and seek to spread their work to inland provinces in Argentina such as Tierra del Fuego and San Luis. Their mission is to build networks among provinces where there are many good people, to manifest, and have visibility. Their actions are diverse: meditations, seminars, workshops, art, research, conferences, seminars, forums and more.

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