Dwarka Peace Society

Peacebuilding and interfaith harmony
"Our purpose is for there to be peace in every mind, and a smile on every face."
Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism
Buddhist, Sikh
Number of Members
North India
New Delhi, India
Joined URI Network

Dwarka Peace Society is a committed peace society that has been effective in peace building activities and interfaith harmony. The group’s religious diversity gives them an upper hand in reaching people from all sectors of life and society. Members of this Cooperation Circle (CC) foresee and work for a society where each individual, no matter their background, lives a peaceful and happy life in harmony with all other individuals of their society. Their mission and purpose is for there to be “peace in every mind, and a smile on every face.” They achieve this goal through interfaith dialogues, and other educational and peace-building activities.

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