Instituto Ecumênico Fé e Política do Acre

Our region is gifted with an absolute wealth, the natural and social environment. We are together to protect it.
Our goal is to broaden the promotion of a culture of peace and respect for diverse religious traditions.
Christianity, Indigenous, Spirituality
African Traditional, Catholic, Protestant, Spiritist
Number of Members
Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil
Joined URI Network

Acre, despite of being one of the smallest state in Brazil, and located in the Amazon region, is multi-religious as well as complex . Instituto Ecumênico Fé e Política do Acre was formed as part of a Christian movement which has been acting since 2000 and later it expanded the number of new expressions of faith. Members organize open thematic monthly meetings (promoted by two radio stations), Ecumenical and Inter-religious services, graduation ceremonies, funerals, public events such as Interreligious visits, Interreligious “feet-washing” celebrations. They work in partnership with the Secretary of State for Education and Communication in reducing violence and convene Community breakfasts and lunches. They visit to refugees in different parts of Brazil and defend them to the highest authorities of the country, the OAS and the UN. They implemented a Post-Graduation Course on Religion Sciences at the Federal University of Acre with the first group finishing the course in November 2018. They plan to open distance learning courses will also be opened, offered for the entire state and making a booklet for religious teaching subsidies in schools ("Many are the ways of God"). Since 2012 they have been conducting interreligious music festivals.

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