Jyothirgamaya Interfaith CC, Punalur

Empowered youth building a world with peace and love
"Our purpose is to encourage our youth to deepen their roots of wisdom and strength through peace."
Christianity, Islam, Hinduism
Number of Members
South India
Punalur, Kollam, Kerala, India
Joined URI Network

Punalur is an important city of Kerala, close to the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. There are two active school-based Cooperation Circles (CCs) in this area, and graduating seniors from these schools have continuously been anxious to continue the URI movement after graduation. Recent graduates of these schools comprise this Cooperation Circle (CC), which promotes youth through various leadership programs to make them aware of the richness and diversity of all religions. They already have 60 members. Their desired outcome is to cultivate strong youth working for peace and love in India and the world.


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