Marawaka CC

Promoting appreciation among different people and indigenous cultures
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"Our purpose is to revive the Karina ancestral culture of Bolivar including its artistic traditions, literature, spirituality, shamanic songs, burial ceremonies, and healing and energizing rituals."
Christianity, Indigenous
Catholic, Evangelical
Number of Members
Bolivar, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Joined URI Network

This Cooperation Circle (CC), located in Bolivar, Venezuela, has the goal of reviving the Kariña Ancestral Culture (Caribbean linguistic trunk), its artistic traditions, literature, spirituality, shamanic songs, and healing and burial rituals. Its membership consists of people from the Indigenous tradition, Catholics and Evangelicals. They have spent the past 25 years recreating traditional rituals and inviting surrounding communities to gain an appreciation of their cultural heritage. Like URI, this CC seeks to foster interfaith dialogue and ethnic relations with the Mapoyo, Panare, Piaroa and Jiwi groups. They aspire to heal all living beings through the Indigenous Cosmovision which respects and upholds a relationship with the natural elements.

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