Minnesota Multifaith Network (MnMN)

Formed on the belief that together we can do more, we are a state-wide network that gathers the energy and passion of people of faith, amplifying our efforts leading to equity, justice, compassion, understanding, and empathy.
The Minnesota Multifaith Network (MnMN) is the statewide network supporting faith and interfaith leaders and congregations who work for a more just and loving world.
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Saint Paul, MN, United States of America
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MnMN is a network of faith communities, interfaith groups/organizations, and individuals with energy, passion, and work leading to equity, justice, compassion, understanding, and empathy. It is multifaith, relationship-driven, justice and anti-racism focused, invitational, collaborative, and generative. MnMN weaves connections among organizations and people who are already working on common goals. Members seek to amplify existing work and to catalyze new efforts. Through MnMN, they find connections and ways to learn from, equip and support each other, and opportunities to cooperate for greater impact. MnMN envisions a society with outstanding positive growth in quality of life for all, based in part on the efforts of many individuals, faith communities, and interfaith groups working in concert. Through greater connectivity among faith and interfaith leaders and organizations, they strengthen leadership and have an increased impact.


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