Peace4Dalits Foundation

We envision a society in where Dalit communities, especially women, live with dignity and have equal opportunities, and social and economic justice.
Our mission is to be a partner in the struggle to eliminate caste-based discrimination and ensure equality and equal rights for all by supporting groups engaged in social change.
Christianity, Cultural, Hinduism
Dalit, Independent, Vaishnau
Number of Members
Parsa, Madhesh, Nepal
Joined URI Network

Caste discrimination is the shame of modern Nepal. In 1962, a law was passed making it illegal to discriminate against other castes. However, the Nepalese caste system is still thriving and discrimination is deeply rooted in the Nepalese society. Dalits are at the bottom of the caste system in Nepal. They still face widespread discrimination. They are also known as so-called ‘Untouchables’. They are not allowed to enter temples. They are not allowed to touch food at common gatherings and they are not allowed to use the public taps and drink water. Children are also punished severely if they touch anything public, even at the age when they have no idea how and why.
Peace4Dalits seeks to eliminate caste- and gender-based discrimination against Dalit women and children, and to empower them socially, economically, and politically, securing quality education for all. Members are united, organizing educational camps for children, because Dalit children cannot go to a normal/regular school. They distribute books and food to the children. They are also educating women through various skills development programs, seminars, and workshops. Peace4Dalits is breaking the discrimination system, hoping someday no one will be punished for touching water or getting food, and that education and other benefits will be accessible for all.


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