CARAVAN’s “I AM” exhibit on world tour, Washington Post coverage

2 October 2017
Photo of a man speaking into a microphone

Oct 2, 2017. 

CARAVAN's "I AM" exhibit, featuring the work of 31 women from around the Middle East, has traveled from the National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman Jordan, to London’s Trafalgar Square, and currently at the American University Museum in Washington DC. Along the way it has been garnering accolades and publicity.  

An article in The Washington Post covers CARAVAN's "I AM" exhibition at the American University Museum, describing its intention "to reveal the diversity of Middle Eastern women’s experiences, and to confront Western assumptions that women in the region are all oppressed and living in conflict zones."  See here.

Anna Seaman, a visual arts writer and cultural journalist, wrote an excellent profile of Paul-Gordon Chandler, "I AM," and CARAVAN's history here.

Folks in Cincinnati, Jackson Hole, Nashville, Burlington and Seattle will have the opportunity to see the exhibit in person. See their Caravan World Tour calendar here.  

Congratulations CARAVAN, and may we join you in challenging the stereotypes of Middle Eastern women.