Caravan Presents: To Heal The World

28 July 2020
Photo: A painting of 4 people

Hady Boraey, Still Journeying, 2020

Caravan, a URI member group, is an international peacebuilding non-profit building bridges through the arts between the creeds and cultures of the Middle East and West.

To Heal The World is a visual expression by artists about mending the brokenness of our global family, as well as of their desire to repair our world through art itself. To Heal The World welcomes an international online artistic reflection of the current spread and impact of the Coronavirus around the globe. This show is highlighted within Caravan’s recent newsletter.

"The exhibition serves as an inspiration to all to redouble our efforts to counteract the current wave of negativity and erosion of values by expressing how we can each make a positive impact in our social groups, communities, countries and ultimately, in the world," the Caravan newsletter says.

“What happens in one part of the world affects others far away. Humanity has become besieged by many ailments that continue to drag us down; injustices, racism, prejudice, hatred, exploitation, inequality, conflict and abuse."

      - To Heal The World, Caravan