Cooperation Circles Provide Relief to Flood Victims

7 September 2022
Floods in Pakistan and India

Across the URI network, Cooperation Circles are working to become more and more resilient.  There are a number of ways to grow our resilience socially, ecologically, economically, culturally, and emotionally. 

In the face of more frequent and extreme weather events, a number of CCs are doing what they can to create resilience centers (cooling centers, warming centers, and/or centers with backup batteries and power storage).  Other CCs are preparing supply kits or meals for those who have lost their homes. 

Smile4millions organization Cooperation Circle and Bitiya Ek Saahas in Purnea are supporting communities affected by the floods along Koshi and Ganga rivers. The Cooperation Circle has reached out with relief packages to those affected.

Smiles4millions providing relief packages to victims of floods in East India

COPE URI Cooperation Circle and Allied School Okara in Pakistan have established efforts to support communities affected by floods.

pakistan flood

Sarvodaya Bundelkhand Cooperation Circle in North India distributed lunch packets in flood-affected slum areas near Betwa and Yamuna railway lines.

India food relief
Sarvodaya Bundelkhand Cooperation Circle prepared and distributed lunch packets to those affected by floods in Beywa and Yamuna

As the uncertainties that come with climate chaos intensify, CCs are living examples of caring and responding, learning and working across beliefs and geographies to realize our vision for healing, justice, and peace.