URI Executive Director Celebrates Golden Rule Day

10 April 2023

For me, the Golden Rule invites curiosity and kindness across all faiths and none. It’s rather pragmatic.

They say we teach people how we want to be treated.

I like it when you make me laugh. So, I like making you smile.

I like it when you bake me chocolate chip cookies. So, I like buying you ice cream.

I like it when you sing. So, I like writing you poetry.

I like it when you make lasagna. So, I like doing the dishes.

I like so many things. So, I am tempted to give you more.

How hard is it really to be kind, to say please and thank you?

When you’re clear about what you like, or don’t, people might surprise you with their generosity.

We are wired for giving and empathy as altruism boosts our serotonin.

So, go golden on someone today. It’ll brighten your life.