Pink Hijab Initiatives

14 March 2024
pink hijab

Pink Hijab members Dine with Orphans during Ramadan and EID

          “We are trying to make a difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. We wanted an adventure. we wanted to do something socially orientated – something “worthwhile.”   __Hajat Khadija Omar Kayanda

Pink Hijab Initiatives CC in Tanzania, founded in 2016, aims to inspire, educate, encourage, and increase awareness concerning women’s & youth's rights and responsibilities - economically, politically, and socially.

The Pink Hijab website describes its mission like this:

“We aim to empower orphans to reach their full potential through family-based care and powerful community support. Our method turns “what ifs” into “why nots.” Our purpose is to provide a safe, loving family for every child.  Our measurable, systematic method ensures that children are where they belong, loved, educated, healthy — and in a safe home.”

Pink Hija Initiatives collaborates with PHIT, professional women, governments, other non-profits, and local family-strengthening organizations to transform systems and give children a voice.

“Even the greatest challenges can be solved when well-meaning people work together. When you donate, you become the hero and make all this possible. Because when you bring together the “haves” and the “have-nots,” miracles happen.”

Hajat Khadija, the founder of Pink Hijab Initiatives explains, “When people hear about Pink Hijab, their minds tell them that it has something to do with Islam. Pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, compassion, nurturing, and approachability.

The word ‘hijab’ represents decent clothes for women (Stara4ForEveryWomen). The organization welcomes all women.”

Hajat Khadija leads the Pink Hijab with passion and with an indomitable yet humble spirit. As quoted in “The Citizen”, a local magazine in Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Khadija leads by lifting others.

“Upon finding a job I always felt my sphere of influence was limited. So, I retired and branded The Pink Hijab Initiative and committed all my time to this vision. The reason for doing this is because of the passion I have for helping other women & youth… I always dreamed of being the path for others, I never really thought I would become what I am today.”