Pink Hijab Initiatives Tanzania

Championing the sustainable emancipation of African Women
Pink Hijab Initiatives TZ aims to inspire, educate, encourage and increase awareness for women in respect to their rights and responsibilities economically, politically and socially in various sectors in Tanzania.
Number of Members
Great Lakes
Dar es Salaam, Mwananyamala, United Republic of Tanzania
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As an organization, Pink Hijab has conducted a number of sensitization conferences and seminars to enhance the gender sensitivity of various government departments and to empower women to assert their God-given rights to aspire to positions of leadership in government, private sector and civil society. Through peace, love, respect, and mutual understanding they seek to provide a helping hand that will empower each woman to reach out like a sister to one another. Members believe that, in in today’s world, where our chances of connectivity are much higher, it truly is possible to create a culture of sisterhood and unity. The core values of the organization are: love thy neighbor as thyself; compassion for those in need; excellence in the organization’s work; integrity in all the organization’s relationships and activities; and a “can-do” and “will-do” attitude in all circumstances.


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Pink Hijab Initiatives

Pink Hijab Initiatives CC in Tanzania, founded in 2016, aims to inspire, educate, encourage, and increase awareness concerning women’s & youth's rights and responsibilities - economically, politically, and socially.