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Our community is working tirelessly to bring peace and justice in all areas of the world regardless of religion. Read stories straight from the organizers.

URI remains alarmed by the escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas & expresses grave concern for the civilians on the ground. 

Members of the Circle of Cooperation National Network of Agrarian Educators of Paraguay participated in the formation of a group together with members of the Armed Forces of Paraguay in Beekeeping.

Parents' mindset and engagement in the education of their children are paramount. Peace4Dalits Foundation CC has formed a parent's association to promote education among the Musahar community in Nepal. 

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Protect Mother Nature - Protect Creation

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC), a Cooperation Circle of URI, with faith communities across Australia, is organizing a set of actions as part of a global multi-faith Week of Action from May 3 to 12.

The centerpiece will be large banners placed at iconic places of worship calling on the Australian government to stop new coal and gas projects and provide proper levels of climate finance for countries hardest hit by climate disasters.

Pink Hijab Initiatives

Pink Hijab Initiatives CC in Tanzania, founded in 2016, aims to inspire, educate, encourage, and increase awareness concerning women’s & youth's rights and responsibilities - economically, politically, and socially.