Cooperation Circles

A URI Cooperation Circle is a self-organizing group of at least seven members who follow three or more faith traditions - including atheists agnostics and humanists - taking any kind of action to create cultures of peace, justice, and healing

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Confederated Descendants of Rajah Mamalu Inc. CC

"Our purpose is to empower indigenous peoples (IPs) in advancing their rights and welfare; To participate in building and raising the awareness and understanding of IPs roles; To develop IPs-related research and policies, and to promote the indigenous political structure or customary governance system."

Faith Ecology Network

"Our purpose: to share mutual appreciation of religious traditions regarding ecological insights; to discern and foster religious reasons for environmental advocacy; and to strengthen the dialogue of science and religion between different faith groups, professionals and the community."

Mindanao Peace Garden CC

"Our purpose is to create opportunities to bridge religious and cultural gaps amongst students and teachers of different faiths and social orientations, and to sow seeds of peace and harmony in different schools starting in Cagayan de Oro City and spreading to neighborhood provinces of Mindanao."

Mugna Kabataan CC

"Our purpose is to lead the youth in promoting peace and interfaith dialogue through creative thinking on mutual respect and understanding, and to support young adults so they might be accountable leaders among the youth today and for the future."

PathWays for Diversity Education Inc.

"Our purpose is to promote the education of young adult presenters so that they are able to articulate belief in an interbelief context throughout their lives, as well as to educate high school students through incursion presentations encouraging them to explore their own family heritage and to begin their own conversation about the plurality of world views around them."